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  • When you smile the whole world smiles with you.

    Good dental health leads to happy smiles. Our team of dental professionals are here to help. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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When you smile, the whole world smiles with you.

Good dental health leads to happy smiles. Westphal Dental is proud to be Dartmouth’s family dentist! Our team of dental professionals are here to help. fContact us today to make an appointment.

At Westphal Dental, we value the opportunity to provide you and your family with complete and comfortable dental care. If you live in the Dartmouth, NS area and are looking for a dental clinic near you, our staff consists of qualified professionals who work to bring you the highest quality treatment, in a warm and caring atmosphere.

About Our Dental Clinic in Dartmouth

Westphal Dental is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We provide a variety of dental services to individuals and families. Our goal is to offer comprehensive dental care, with particular attention to your individual needs in a timely and affordable way. We want to make your visits with us comfortable and pleasant, all while providing you and your family with the most exceptional dental care available.

Dental Expertise

After graduating from Dalhousie University with her DDS, Dr. Fung completed a residency at Toronto General Hospital. She returned to Dartmouth and took over a practice to give back to the community! Dr. Fung returned to Dalhousie dental school as an instructor in 2004 and 2005.

She is a past member of the East Coast Endodontic study club and is a current member of the Esthetic Alliance implant study club. She continually upgrades her education in the field of dentistry as well as french communication, to provide her patients with the best possible care.




Westphal Dental is my family dentist in Dartmouth, NS. I have always been self-conscious about the spaces between my front teeth. Having the bonding done was the best thing I have done for myself. Dr. San Fung always does a great job, making me feel 100% comfortable.
- patient



A few years ago, I decided to have my dentist undertake a major repair of my teeth. They were very worn down, reaching a critical state and many were missing. Dr. Fung did this work for me and I have been extremely happy with her success. Not only has my ability to chew improved greatly, but so has my smile. I no longer need to cover my mouth when I laugh. This gives me confidence which was missing before. The work has given me no trouble since and so I have to think she did an excellent job. I have never regretted my decision to invest in this undertaking. I think that anyone contemplating major dental work can have great confidence in Dr. San Fung. This is the best Dentist in Halifax, NS.
Elizabeth Baxter



My adult son had not seen a dentist in 12 years, plus as he had anxiety about visiting a dental professional, he expressed how he wished one could be put to sleep to have dental checkups and dental work. I told him on my next appointment, I would ask Dr. Fung if she knew of such a service.

Once I inquired, Dr. Fung suggested my son make an appointment with her to talk things over. He nervously made that appointment. Dr. Fung’s professional approach, problem-solving ability, compassion, and sincere personal interest, gained his confidence. He has been a patient of Dr. San Fung ever since. This has been a true gift, and I believe he feels proud of his improved appearance
Catherine Johnson


Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you did on my teeth! They came out beautiful and I ended up having amazing wedding photos for it! I always wanted my teeth fixed for when I got married, and I can’t thank you enough for making that come true. Thanks, Westphal Dental!
Pauline Heelan

Dental Services

Stain Removal and Cleaning

The regular removal of stain, plaque, and tartar is absolutely essential to the long-term look and health of teeth and gums. Our dental hygienist provide this service.

Tooth Whitening and Bleaching

Bleaching is a very effective technique for lightening teeth. It will not, however, alter the appearance of existing fillings, crowns and veneers.

Aesthetic Contouring and Bonding

This technique can be used to alter the shape of worn or chipped teeth – providing the damage is not too great. Composite materials are used to reshape defects and close spaces between teeth. The results are performed quickly, but the patient should be prepared to replace these restorations more frequently. Better long-term alternatives typically involve veneers or crowns.


When the cavity is significant, an inlay may be needed for strength. These restorations are fabricated by a dental lab and usually require two or more appointments at the office for insertion.


Seeking porcelain veneers near you? We provide premium veneers in Dartmouth! These are thin porcelain surfaces that are bonded over the front tooth surface. Minimal tooth reduction is needed to have a veneer. Veneers can be used to restore ageing teeth that are worn down, close spaces, and change the colour of teeth or repair chipped teeth.

Crowns or Caps

These are used when a tooth is densely filled or was previously treated with a root canal treatment. Crowns provide excellent strength to the tooth while improving overall aesthetics.


Bridges are restorations designed to replace missing teeth. It involves reducing the size of the teeth next to the space that acts as supports. There is a limit to the length which can be bridged, and there needs to be tooth support at each end for long term success.

Root Canal Treatment

There is often damage to the nerves and soft tissues inside your teeth, requiring the need to have a root canal performed. Essentially this is the process of removing this soft tissue from inside the teeth to end pain, sensitivity, or recurring infection.


All dentures are removable and tend to move. To achieve stability, partial dentures need clasps to help the partial hang on to the natural teeth. Both partial and complete dentures can be made to appear quite natural using the latest artificial teeth and acrylics.


Sealants are an excellent way to reduce the incidence of cavities in a young person’s mouth. A sealant is simply a very thin layer of material that is bonded to the biting surface of the back teeth creating a barrier that protects the teeth from getting cavities.

Emergency Dentist in Dartmouth

Do you require emergency dental services in Dartmouth, such as a knocked-out tooth or extreme dental pain? Westphal Dental is your trusted emergency dentist near you! In the case of a dental emergency, call our team right away and we’ll be happy to serve you.

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